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Dennis Nehring was born in Williston, ND in 1953 and raised on ranch west of Williston of which he currently owns. He attended grade school  at Round Prairie Elementary, high school  at Williston High School, and 

college at Williston State College where he obtained an  Associate of Arts in Agricultural Business. Dennis also holds degrees from North Dakota State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in  Animal Science and from Minot State University an Associate of Science working with DD.

Dennis served in the US Army  for 2 years. 

He manages and operates his ranch, tends to the oilfield to include welding, drilling rigs, pipelines, and fracking.

Dennis has served 25 to 30 years on his township board. 10 years as either chairman or vice chair of Williams county TWP officers association. 1 term on D8 school board and 2 terms as 1st vice chair D23 Republican party. 

Dennis has been married for 33 years and between his wife and himself they have 6 daughters.

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